What Our Clients Say About Us

We've had the pleasure of working with an expansive medley of brands, councils, developers and organisations over our 30 year career. Here are just a few snippets of feedback we've received from our most exciting projects.

Urban Design

The Dreamland Trust: Dreamland

“You are bringing real clarity to the project. It was like trying to plait fog till HemingwayDesign came along” - Jan Leandro, The Dreamland Trust

Bournemouth Council: Boscombe Overstrand

“Working with the Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway has been an inspirational experience. Having previously been aware of Wayne’s passion for the Great British seaside and knowing of HemingwayDesign’s commitment to high quality design, we approached them in 2007 with a unique project to breathe new life back into a derelict 1950s seaside building at Boscombe, Bournemouth. What emerged from that collaboration was the sensational Boscombe Overstrand building featuring 59 vintage-style Beach Pods, each with their own unique visual take on the classic British seaside holiday. The Pods, designed with families in mind, contain a range of practical features such as a kitchen unit, deck chairs, table, electricity and hot water supply – not to mention stunning balcony views over one of the UK’s best beaches. The Hemingways took a sensitive design approach, respecting the integrity of the building, and extended to design fit-out for public showers/toilets and signage across the building. The multi-million pound regeneration of Boscombe seafront has resulted in a 32% increase in visitor numbers and a massive increase in visitor satisfaction, whilst winning countless national and European awards for regeneration.

“A consequence of this collaboration has been to raise Bournemouth Borough Council’s level of ambition and expectation of what can be achieved. The high profile attention generated by the Beach Pods has helped to put Boscombe on the map as a thriving centre for beach and water sports with a twist of bohemian chic.

“Since 2008, the Hemingways have continued to work closely with Bournemouth’s Seafront Team, helping to judge an international design competition for the UK’s first beach huts designed specifically with disability needs in mind. The four completed huts – called ‘Seagull and Windbreak’ recently won a RIBA design award. In 2010 we decided to create a new line of 75 traditional wooden beach huts at Bournemouth. The Hemingways and Crown Paint joined together to develop a unique tonal colour pattern for the huts – called ‘sunrise to sunset’, reflecting the range of colours seen on the coast in different lights and seasons. The huts have since gone on to become an iconic symbol of Bournemouth’s seafront.

“We look forward to working with the Hemingway’s in the future as Bournemouth Borough Council embarks upon a strategy to create a world class seafront.” - Andrew Emery, Service Development Manager, Tourism and Corporate Communications, Bournemouth Council

Housing Regeneration

Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust: Walton Court

“The Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust have been working with HemingwayDesign for over three years now on a challenging regeneration of a small local 'precinct estate' in Aylesbury with courtyard shops and residential. Over a number of years the estate had become a local blight of ASB and dereliction, due in part to the poor original design and build quality. After three years of design and planning, we are now on site reconstructing the estate which will look radically different with new shop units, a Healthy Living Centre and 21 new affordable homes. HemingwayDesign have been integral to the design concepts and their belief behind retaining and redesigning the buildings, rather than the more expensive demolition and new build option, demonstrates their commitment and belief in their own concept of 'upcyling'. The straight-talking, no-nonsense approach of both Wayne and Gerardine can be a refreshing challenge to the formality of construction and consultant teams. Their experience of numerous and diverse regeneration projects around the country has been invaluable with ideas that can be integrated into every new project. HemingwayDesign have maintained a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the project from the outset and will be with us through to the 'opening' when the development is set to complete at the end of 2013.” - Richard DeVille, Head of Development, Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust

Freebridge Community Housing: Hillington Square

“Freebridge Community Housing has embarked on an ambitious scheme to improve the Hillington Square estate in Kings Lynn. We needed a partner to help us shape our vision and translate this into architectural plans. We were delighted when HemingwayDesign joined us in the project and influenced our thinking to 're-imagine' the estate. From abstract thinking about design to meeting with residents and key stakeholders, the Hemingways have had a significant involvement in the scheme, which has now gained planning approval. HemingwayDesign are been an inspiration to the project.” - Tony Hall, Chief Executive, Freebridge Community Housing

Gateshead Council: Staiths South Bank

“Wayne Hemingway has shown exceptional commitment to regeneration in Gateshead for over seven years, working with the Council and with the community to leave a real legacy. His passion and drive contributed hugely to the South Bank housing development, which sets new standards for design quality and use of public spaces in an urban setting. He has followed this up by using his undoubted design skills to challenge the Council and developers alike, to raise their aspirations for development quality and provision for creativity in town centres and in the community. He has been instrumental in bringing forward a cutting edge town centre initiative to provide workspace for new creative businesses and has spoken about this nationally in the media.

“When Wayne speaks, people listen and their thinking changes. If things don't happen straight away he gives freely of his time and effort to identify problems and offer solutions. We have found that he has been here when he has been needed.” - Mick Henry, Leader of Gateshead Council Branding

Event Production

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Festival 

“HemingwayDesign were an absolute pleasure to work with, extremely creative, full of ideas and enthusiasm. The team were completely reliable and efficient, working against tight deadlines and often considerable pressure – I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again and hope to have another opportunity to do so soon.” - Kitty Ross, Diamond Jubilee Festival, Event Director, Thames Diamond Jubilee

Urban Village Fete

"A big thank you from Greenwich Peninsula for a brilliantly curated, marketed and delivered second Urban Village Fete! It really felt like a brilliant community vibe with an outstanding program - a little bit for everyone." - Kaia Charles - Greenwich Peninsula 


Unite Students

“Having seen Wayne Hemingway speak at a Higher Education conference in 2013, we were very interested in his ideas around how design could improve the experience of being at university. We arranged a meeting and quickly appointed HemingwayDesign to provide the design and branding expertise for a transformational re-purposing of our business around the brand promise ‘Home for Success’. The Hemingway team undertook exhaustive research of our, and other, youth sectors, and began by critiquing the existing manifestations of our brand, and understanding the scale of our appetite for change. They also got completely under the skin of Home for Success, mapping out what it would mean for students, staff and universities in terms of our physical space and visual identity. In rapid order we had agreed a new branding approach, and one that we could never have envisaged at the outset – a flexible family of colours, graphics and logos to be used in a balanced way across all our channels and properties. We completely love it, as do our students and university partners, and it provides our creative agencies and in-house teams with limitless opportunities to express themselves and have fun with our brand. Throughout this process one additional thing has been clear to me – that Wayne and his company genuinely want to make a positive difference through design, and in a way which adds value to society. It is not often you work with an agency who prioritise social impact over everything else. We continue to work with the Hemingway team as we are rolling out the new approach across our estate, and I foresee a long relationship between our companies.” - Paul Harris, Strategy and Commercial Director, Unite Students

Uniform Design 

Transport for London

"One of the biggest projects that I am overseeing is the roll out of a new uniform for all Transport For London [TFL] staff, which has been designed by Wayne Hemingway and the HemingwayDesign team. Previously there was no consistency in the uniforms across the different parts of the TFL network and research conducted by my team discovered that most people didn't remember staff wore a uniform beyond occasionally seeing people in hi-vis jackets.

TFL wanted a uniform that was consistent – making it easier for customers to spot staff without being in your-face like theme park employees – but with coloured detailing that could be changed to match the network's various sub-brands.

The brand is very very visible, but it's also got that London feel to it. It's that dark blue you see used on a lot of suits, but also with the brand popping up where you wouldn't expect to see, where it's on the cuffs, on the back of the neck and on zip-pulls.

The uniform also had to be practical for a network where staff work in very varied temperatures, have to move around a lot.

We go from the Bakerloo platform at above 40 degrees to about minus 10 says Jon. So HemingwayDesign had to create a uniform that can operate under those extreme conditions – while also staying flexible. We need our staff to be comfortable and warm or cool in their work and add choice. The HemingwayDesign took engagement to a new level and ultimately delivered a uniform that works as a collection . It’s certainly helping our staff be  happier in their jobs and provide better customer service." - Jon Hunter Head of Design TFL 


"We worked with the Hemingway Design Team on our crew and management uniforms for the UK business.  Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our people and internal stakeholders was exceptional and resulted in a design that was disruptive yet very wearable and practical for our 100,000 people.  The design process was extremely thorough and involved the team listening and responding to diverse feedback along the way which was absolutely essential to gain acceptance and support from all parts of the business.  Hemingway’s commitment to the environment was central to our selection process and by doing all the complex thinking and planning at the beginning, it allowed us to deliver a highly sustainable uniform collection in a simple way." - Jez Langhorn Senior Vice President McDonald's

People Centered Thinking

University of Warwick

"The University of Warwick has worked with Hemingway Design on a series of projects looking at our student residences and a new concept for a long-stay staff hotel.

Clearly they have brought high quality professional design advice, but that is what one would expect from any consultancy. Where we have been most impressed is with their continual focus on people – how will people react? How will people be affected? What are the social interactions? How can we stimulate conversation, learning, fun...love?

We have also valued their sensitivity to our history and context. This goes beyond an eye for the aesthetic – again, something we would expect of any design house. They have spent time understanding where we have come from, the historical development of our campus, the relationships with past staff, alumni and friends of the University – and we have seen how this understanding and empathy has worked back in to proposals and design." - Michael Roberts  Director of campus Services  University of Warwick 

Transport for London

"The HemingwayDesign  team have been total professionals since the inception of the project to create a new uniform for London Buses, and latterly London Underground and the wider organization. The hemingwayDesign  team took a great deal of personal pride, and time / patience to engage with a large percentage of our staff – as well as in depth discussions an negotiations with Unions.

The employee engagement exercise undertaken by them resulted in a 75% plus awareness of the project with all staff, with a daily blog set up to keep everyone up to speed with developments. HemingwayDesign were very focused on the final outcome, whilst being sufficiently pragmatic to allow the final designs to flex and alter course to ensure the staff would wear them with pride as opposed mandated terms and conditions.

I would not hesitate to recommend HemingwayDesign  to any other organisations seeking to engage in this very complex arena." - Jon Hunter Head of Design TFL 


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